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hearing loss in hearing aid specially developed hearing aids 2020 prices 2021 hearing aid priceswith 2022 hearing aid pricesquality of life scales help to eliminate the difference between the success of our practice center and patient satisfaction and aim to enable them to lead a better quality of life.


hearing aid LOSS OF EMPLOYMENT It is necessary to recognize the ear and determine its need and shape. We need to know that voice needs, voice habits, voice character and perception are personal. the way that each person recognizes the voice and understands what they are learning in any environment is personal.

Home Care Service

We come to the home for the needs of our hearing aid users who cannot leave their homes due to corona virus outbreak, such as hearing aid sales, hearing aid application, hearing aid care and setting, hearing aid battery and ear mold. In these three (3) steps, we improve your hearing in a home environment.

How to choose a hearing aid?

Want to buy a hearing aid? how do I choose, hearing aid how I use it, as well as the features of the hearing aid itself,

Some factors related to the hearing center and you (or those with hearing loss who will use the device) will be decisive.

Etfal hearing aids there are a variety of hearing aids that will appeal to everyone and every need.

Hearing aid users should pay attention to

The things that the hearing aid user should pay attention to are sweat and moisture resistant, ensuring their longevity, and another important factor for my hearing aid.

Since these devices will be in direct contact with your skin in the ear area, it is important that they are sweat resistant.

Siemens signia widex phonak You can choose hearing aids with both internal and external nano-coated hearing aids that are sweat and moisture resistant and dirt-proof.

You should choose hearing aids with whistling suppression feature to avoid whistling (crowing or feedback) sound while using the device.

In order for the wind noise not to interfere with your hearing, you should choose hearing aids with wind noise reduction feature.

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If the individual who will use a hearing aid has hearing loss in both ears and you want to better understand the direction of the sound and the loud speech in a crowded environment, you should use the hearing aid in both ears.

emerging as new technology hearing aids to hear the sound of devices such as televisions and mobile phones directly in your ears, you must choose hearing aids that adapt to wireless accessories.

Signia Active gold hearing aid


If you have a hearing loss, there are many device options available to help you hear. It is important to find the right hearing aid for you, as there is no one-size-fits-all device.

Which determine which hearing aid is right for you A hearing test, general medical conditions, and the anatomy of your ear will be evaluated.

If you are using traditional hearing aids and they are no longer helping your hearing, you should discuss possible alternatives with your hearing care professional. For some, traditional hearing aids are the only option.

However, if you meet the criteria, implantable hearing aids may be a good option for you:

  • Bone anchored hearing aids – for those with unilateral deafness and conductive (inner ear) or mixed (inner and outer ear) hearing loss and cannot use conventional hearing aids
  • Cochlear implants – for people with severe to profound hearing loss who see little or no benefit from conventional hearing aids
  • Fully implantable hearing aids – for those with moderate to severe hearing loss, these devices are implanted under the skin, making them completely invisible
  • Partially implantable hearing aids – for those with moderate to severe hearing loss, these are implanted in the middle ear in a minimally invasive procedure