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We come to the home for the needs of our hearing aid users who cannot leave their homes due to corona virus outbreak, such as hearing aid sales, hearing aid application, hearing aid care and setting, hearing aid battery and ear mold.

In these three (3) steps, we improve your hearing in a home environment.

You can make your appointment request to us 0212 296 17 57 By calling , (552) 202 17 57 Send it via our Whatsapp line or by filling out a contact form (Our customer representatives will return to you within 09.00 – 18.00 working hours.)

Let our hearing care professional come to your home on the day and time you set with our customer representative
Get hearing aid service according to your needs Our hearing care specialist will come to your visit with mask, galoshes and disinfectant and will maintain social distance except when he needs to perform close-range operations. All tools and equipment used are disinfected before and after the visit.

This application is valid in Istanbul province.