Etfal Hearing Aids Sales and Application Center

Etfal hearing aids, which have signed many principles since it started to serve in 2001, continue to work to create standards of a better life by pioneering new discoveries following the modern technological developments that shape our lives in the world.

Hearing Aids Sales and Application Centers hearing aids and a provider of hearing solutions that operates in audiology.

A German brand SİEMENS signia and the Danish company widex hearing aids Following all technological developments in the field of hearing aids together with our abundant product range, our retail store istanbul provides services.

Currently, Etfal hearing aids and application centers, one of the largest companies in Turkey in the sector, are working to continue to lead the way in all aspects of the health sector.

Our goal

Hearing aid used in developed countries hearing aid to carry technology to our country; to provide our customers' needs and expectations in a quality and continuous way.

Our company, which has always made it its basic principle to provide the highest quality and comfortable option for our patients with hearing loss within the hearing aid sector, continues to work with the aim of becoming a global corporate company in the field of hearing aids.

Behind our success, customer-oriented and our applications include health, efficient use, and the approach of choosing the right device.

Siemens signia and other hearing aid companies have become the pioneers and principles-bound corporate company preferred by hearing aids with its structure that includes multiple services in the fields.


It cannot be given up for our customers who are experiencing Hearing Loss in Health Problems.
The first thing that comes to mind for other companies in the hearing aid sector, which we are business partners with, is to be a corporate company as etfal hearing.


It is our indispensable principle to make life easier for our citizens who need hearing aids with our expert staff and after-sales technical service.
to provide fast, economical and pioneering services with our employees who are experts in hearing aids.

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Etfal hearing aids

How to Buy a Hearing Aid

If you have hearing loss, you should first go to the Ear Nose Throat doctor to get a hearing aid. (If a hearing aid has previously been recommended by the doctor or if a hearing aid is already being used, the hearing center is contacted directly.)

If you have been offered a hearing aid by your doctor, you can choose the device according to its design and degree of hearing loss.

If you are covered by SGK assurance, you can get your hearing aid from etfal hearing aids by decreasing the amount of SGKs contribution at the cost of the hearing aid. You can follow the necessary information to be contributed by SGK to the cost of the hearing aid on our Page and get information.

SGK contribution For information...