Signia hearing aids

The leader in audiological performance Our latest hearing innovations deliver leading audiological performance in iconic design. The revolutionary [...]

Which class license can people who use hearing aids get?

Individuals using hearing aids can obtain a B-class driver's license, but they do not need a driver's license [...]

Why does the hearing aid beep?

This is usually caused by the plug (ie earwax) blocking the ear canal. The device prevents the plug [...]

Hearing aid setup

Hearing aid setup Our hearing aids are equipped with features to reintroduce sounds into your life. But the new hearing [...]

How to put on and remove a hearing aid

How to put on and remove the hearing aid from the ear, and how to open and close the battery compartment [...]

best hearing aid

The hearing aid industry can be very diverse . Many different brands, models and features [...]

Hearing aid advice

This is the biggest reason for recommending hearing aids, and a specific product name [...]

What Should Be Considered While Buying Hearing Aids?

What Should Be Considered While Buying Hearing Aids? What to consider when researching when buying a hearing aid [...]

How to Care for Hearing Aids?

Should I get my hearing aids or hearing aids cleaned? We use hearing aids and other [...]

Why should you use a hearing aid?

By using a hearing aid, you can communicate better and healthier with your surroundings. To the conversations made around you [...]