How to put on and remove a hearing aid

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wearing the hearing aid

1. hearing aid Place it behind your ear.

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2. hearing aid Hold the bend of the speaker wire between your thumb and forefinger. your headset ear canal It should be facing the hole.

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3. Press until the speaker wire rests against your head. hearing aid Gently push the eartip into your ear canal.

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removing the hearing aid

hearing aid I will explain how to remove the earphone from the ear and how to open the battery compartment and close it:

How to remove the hearing aid

in the ear
note the left/right markings

hearing aids, adjusts to the characteristics of each ear, which means your left hearing aid is adjusted differently than your right. Behind-the-ear styles for easy distinguishing as right or left ear hearing aid Colored markings can be applied inside the battery compartment.

Millions of people today live a life away from their loved ones and the things they are passionate about. It's just because they can't hear well. But it doesn't have to be like that. We do not accept this. And we know we can make a difference. hearing aid We are aware of how life-changing restoring a person's hearing can be.

hearing aid

But we are naturally restless and dissatisfied. because hearing loss We know that we can do more and better for everyone.
Together with our partners operating as hearing professionals worldwide, hearing aid deaf people We are fully committed to tackling this stigma of hearing loss by removing the hassle for people and finding new and innovative ways to help everyone relive the beauty of sound.

The clearer we hear in life, the more we can be heard! Sounds connect us to the world and enable us to interact with our family, friends and people around us. As living beings, the connection is between us. But ask yourself this question: If you can't hear a sound, how good is it?

Having or having a family member with a hearing problem can be challenging. To help the people you care about, it's vital to build a support system to show them that the road to good hearing is closer than they think.

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