Hearing aid setup


Our hearing aids are equipped with features to reintroduce sounds into your life. However, we recommend that you give yourself four to six months to fully adapt to your new hearing aids.

In the process of acquaintance of the brain with speech sounds and environmental sounds we encourage our users to have realistic expectations and to be patient while getting to know this new technology. Most It automatically adjusts itself according to the environment, and the user can also make some small adjustments via mobile applications or wireless accessories downloaded to the mobile phone.

At Etfal hearing, the service does not end after purchasing your hearing aids. We are waiting for our users to our branches for the maintenance of your hearing aids every 4 months. In addition, our hearing specialists can re-adjust your hearing aids to your changing needs via software when necessary.

Request Here are some of the questions that newbies ask and our answers:

I just started using hearing aids. Why does my own voice sound strange?

There will be a period of getting used to when you start using a hearing aid. It takes a few days for your brain to get used to hearing well again, and this is also necessary for your own voice. Some users say that they hear their own voices as if their noses are stuffy during this time. This is completely natural and will end in a few days. If the sounds are different and strange detection continues, there may be a problem with your device's settings. Etfal Hearing Centers hearing specialists will be pleased to serve you in such a case.

Will I have any problems when I start using a hearing aid?

Sounds you haven't heard for a long time You will hear it again when you start using it. These sounds that you are not used to may disturb you at first. Adaptation to the device will occur over time, the important thing is that you continue to use the device.


How long does it take to get used to the use of hearing aids?

Necessary for hearing aid Let's consider what:

1st and 3rd days;

The hearing aid should only be used at home for the first week. The device should be adjusted so that it can be heard comfortably and listen to different sounds (such as newspaper rustling, sneezing, coughing, clock, telephone ringing) by walking around the house. If the user feels nervous or tired, the device can be turned off and take a break.

The device user should read the newspaper or book aloud and control his own voice. He should try to understand what is being said by talking to only one person, looking at the face of the speaker, and then without looking. It is easier to understand by looking at the face of the person speaking at the beginning.

4th and 7th days;

While doing daily work at home, the device should be plugged in, different sounds should be listened (such as door slamming, water boiling, washing machine, vacuum cleaner) and try to get used to these sounds. You should start watching the news on TV. At the end of the 1st week, the device user can wear the hearing aid for at least 5 hours a day. Can start using the device in conversation groups of 3-4 people. The device user can list the words he has difficulty in distinguishing (for example, Hospital-Post Office, Taş-Yaş, Kuş-Run). He should have a relative read this list (first by looking at his lips, then by closing his eyes) and then repeat it himself and try to increase his ability to distinguish these words.

The user should now go out and listen to the sounds of nature.

If there is something that the device user does not understand during the conversations, he should not hesitate to make the other person repeat it.

In the second week, the device can be used in crowded environments such as theaters, cinemas, shopping malls. The device user should try to talk to a person as much as possible in crowded environments.

At the end of the whole process should always be used

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