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hearing loss in hearing aid specially developed hearing aids 2020 prices 2021 hearing aid prices and quality of life scales, our application center ensures that the difference between success and patient satisfaction is eliminated and aims to enable them to live a better quality of life.


hearing aid it is necessary to recognize the ear with hearing loss and determine its need and shape. We need to know that the sound habit, the sound character and the perception of sound need are personal. the way that each person recognizes the voice and understands what they are learning in any environment is personal.


işitme cihazları medikal ürün’dür. işitme cihazı’nın üretimi, satışı ve satış sonrası tüm aşamaları (teknik servis vb ) belirli medikal normlarla belirtilmiş olup bu normların uygunluğu sürekli kontrol edilmektedir. Dünya genelinde işitme cihazı kullanıcıları işitme uzmanlarını dinleyerek edinilen deneyimlerden işitme cihazı modellerine göre işlem yapmaktadır.

How to choose a hearing aid?

Want to buy a hearing aid? how do I choose, hearing aid How I use it, as well as the properties associated with the hearing aid itself, will be decisive in some factors related to the hearing center you will purchase and you (or those who have hearing loss to use the device). Etfal hearing aids there are a variety of hearing aids that will appeal to everyone and every need.

What the hearing aid user should pay attention to is that it is resistant to sweat and moisture, ensures their longevity and is another important factor in my hearing aid. Since these devices will be in direct contact with your skin in the ear area, it is important to be sweat resistant. Siemens signia widex hearing aid you can choose nano-coated hearing aids that are resistant to sweat and moisture and do not hold dirt, both internally and externally. To avoid whistling or feedback sound when using a device, you should select hearing aids that have whistle suppression. You should choose a variety of hearing aids with wind noise reduction to prevent you from hearing wind noise.

If the individual using a hearing aid has hearing loss in both ears and you want to better understand the direction the sound is coming from, the conversations in the noise in the crowded environment, you should use the hearing aid in both ears. Developing as new technology hearing aids to hear the sound of devices such as televisions and mobile phones directly in your ears, you must choose hearing aids that adapt to wireless accessories.